Astrid Anti-Aging Studio, led by Dr. Patchara Utaipatana, actively participated in the world's largest dermatology, anti-aging and plastic surgery conference ‘IMCAS WORLD CONGRESS 2024’ which took place in Paris, France. With over 18,000 dermatologists attending globally, the event fostered the exchange of experiences, academic achievements, advancements in technology as well as health and beauty innovations including:



  • The injection technique of botulinum toxin, administered by our experienced medical team, ensures beauty, safety, and a natural result. 
  • Our latest innovation, the Lase MD or 1927 nm Thulium laser, effectively reduces hyperpigmentation and aids skin regeneration with no needles required. This laser has received research approval from various countries in delivering medication, vitamins, and skincare to deeper skin layers.
  • Our commitment extends to Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT), a non-invasive procedure meeting US.FDA standards. When used on the face, body, and hair, this therapy stimulates cell activity, reduces inflammation, restores skin condition, and slows down deterioration without any pain or post procedural symptoms.
  • Addressing current debates on exosome safety.
  • We emphasize the integration of skincare use with medical procedures for optimal and efficient results. 
  • Techniques involving Body Contouring tools like Coolsculpting Elite, Emsculpt NEO, and Exilis Ultra 360 are combined to achieve the best outcomes.
  • Our focus on vitamins and supplements for anti-aging promotes holistic health care in helping to prevent internal deterioration for sustained, beautiful skin. 
  • We continually update melasma treatment techniques, ensuring lasting results and preventing recurrence.

In our pursuit of excellence, Astrid Anti-Aging Studio remains at the forefront of the latest technologies and innovations, providing personalized care and addressing all inquiries from our valued customers.