Astrid x FUTURE 5 Elements Facial Treatment

Exclusive facial treatments designed by Astrid's dermatologist that incoporate FUTURE products, a natural and authentic folk traditional medicine.

3 Specialized Formulas

  • A bespoke anti-aging treatment that incorporates Gua Sha stone massage with nutritious Stem Cell Broth. The skin feels hydrated, sculpted, and looks more youthful. Continuous sessions are recommended to reduce fine lines and aging skin. (120 minutes)

    Suitable for dehydrated, dry skin with skin laxity and dullness. This treatment involves lifting massage technique and facial machine. The skin feels plumped, hydrated, lifted, and bright. (90 minutes)

    Suitable for sensitive skin, congested, acne-prone, dry, dehydrated skin, or unbalanced oily skin type. The skin feels clean, refreshed, and calm after the treatment. (60 minutes)